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Saudi Arabia Kingdom set to modernize fishery June 13,2012   |  Source: Pakistan Observer

As part of an ambitious plan to ensure food security, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has intensified efforts to modernize its fishery sector with an aim to promote the sustainable productivity of local fish stocks.

The plan includes the protection of the huge marine environment and review of the Kingdon’s fishery sector on a priority basis besides collaborating with international organizations like the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

“The overall objectives of the Saudi government for the fisheries sectors are to produce fresh fish for local markets as part of its national food security policy,” said a report released by the Ministry of Agriculture. The plan focuses on the efforts to improve the economic performance of different fishery sectors through better utilization of the marine environment, said the report, while giving an overview of the fishery industry of the Kingdom.

Referring to the growing cooperation between the Kingdom and the international organizations, especially with the FAO, the report said Riyadh had made a contribution of $ 66 million to the FAO to implement its technical assistance projects in the country, which aim to benefit small-scale agricultural producers and fishermen.

“The projects are part of a five-year (2012-2016)


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