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National campaign to secure traditional fishing territories launched in Brazil by Brian O'Riordan June 05,2012   |  Source: ICSF |  Alert Type(s): Samudra Exclusive

Two thousand fishers and supporters from 18 States are gathering in the City Park of Brasilia under the banner of the MPP - the Movement of Men and Women Fishworkers - to launch a campaign to protect and secure their fishing territories and livelihoods.

As Brazil's national capital, Brasilia is the seat of all three branches of the Brazilian government.

The MPP is demanding that legislators pass a bill to identify and protect the tenure rights of fishing communities to their traditional fishing territories, providing them with secure access rights and promoting the sustainable development of their activities. The campaign aims to gather the 1,385,000 signatures required to draft a bill for the National Parliament.

In Brazil, citizens may propose laws for consideration by the government,but this requires the endorsement of a minimum number of the electorate.

According to the blog (http://noticiaspeloterritorio.blogspot.com.br/)set up by the MPP, the campaign marks a landmark for men and women fishworkers in Brazil, who would like to have their fishing rights recognized and respected. Currently, they find themselves at the mercy of industrial users, who lay claim to their traditional territories for the construction of hydroelectric dams and other such projects. Many

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