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China group formed to aid fisheries by Jin Zhu May 30,2012   |  Source: China Daily

A nationwide distant-water fisheries association was established on Tuesday in response to increasing competition worldwide and declining domestic fishing resources.

"China consumption of aquatic products has been growing in recent years amid the rising population and rapid urbanization. However, the country's capacity on overseas fisheries is still lagging, compared with world levels," said Han Changfu, minister of agriculture.

He made the remarks at the inaugural meeting of the China Overseas Fisheries Association in Beijing on Tuesday.

The nonprofit association has attracted 150 members, including Chinese fisheries and other companies, according to a statement from the association.

"The establishment of the association is expected to promote closer cooperation among fishery companies to further expand the overseas market," he said.

China has 116 companies engaged in distant-water fisheries, and nearly 2,000 fishing vessels with various types of fishing gear have been put into use, the statement said.

The fishing area covers exclusive economic zones of 37 countries with agreements with China, mostly in West Africa, such as Mauritania and Morocco, as well as high seas of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian oceans and the Antarctic, the association said.



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