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Kidnapped fishermen’s case angers Chinese public by Keith B. Richburg May 23,2012   |  Source: Washington Post

The plight of 28 Chinese fishermen who were kidnapped, robbed, stripped and held for 13 days by North Koreans has inflamed Chinese public opinion, with many Internet users taking to microblogging sites to question the Beijing government’s close relationship with its reclusive ally in Pyongyang.

But for the moment, experts and diplomats said, the episode seems unlikely to either shake the alliance or lead Beijing’s Communist authorities to heed Washington’s call to apply more pressure on North Korea to limit its nuclear ambitions.

The fishermen, who were in three boats, were seized May 8 in what the vessels’ owners said were Chinese waters. The Chinese Foreign Ministry did not report the incident for several days.

Since the fishermen’s release Sunday and their subsequent return to the Chinese port of Dalian, emerging details of their captivity have only intensified the public’s indignation. Wang Lijie, the captain of one of the seized boats, said in an interview Wednesday with The Washington Post that five fishermen remained hospitalized, their legs swollen from beatings received during their captivity. He described the captors as North Korean sailors, who gave the fishermen only grain to eat, stripped them to their underwear, beat them repeatedly and drained


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