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Nigerian fishermen report massive depletion of undersea weeds in Atlantic ocean May 13,2012   |  Source: BusinessDay

Fishermen operating at the Atlantic coastline have expressed concern over floating weeds on the ocean in Akwa Ibom coastline.
Fishermen in the area said that the situation was noticed within the past week, adding that the situation posed a great danger to the food chain.

They said the decomposing sea weeds covered the ocean surface and contaminated fishing nets, thereby forcing fish to migrate deeper into the ocean.

Rev. Samuel Ayadi, Akwa Ibom Chapter Chairman of Artisanal Fishermen Association of Nigeria, told NANon Sunday that the dead weeds posed a threat to fishing.

Ayadi said the association had reported the development to the relevant agencies, including Akwa Ibom Ministry of Environment and National Oil Spills Detection and Response Agency.

``These sea weeds cover everywhere, all the surface of the water. When fishermen go to the sea, the weeds will enter their nets and many of them will find it difficult to carry the net to the boat.

``Some of these sea weeds, by the time they decay at the surface of the water, they will sink again because the fish feed on it at the sea bed.

``By the time they sink, the oil spills, then the thing will go and kill the sea weeds and the weeds will come up, that is why they cover everywhere along this


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