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India to oppose EU’s climate protocol move May 14,2012   |  Source: ET

In climate talks beginning on Monday in Bonn, India will oppose the EU's move to start negotiations on the draft of a new climate protocol in 2012 itself. Considering it another shift in the goalpost by the Europeans, the Indian team of negotiators is expected to point out that no consensus was built at Durban last year that the only way forward is a new protocol that renders Kyoto Protocol redundant.

The new protocol, as the EU demands, will kickstart the process to have a new global deal within three years that would bind India and other emerging countries to a similar level of legally binding commitment to reduce emissions while ignoring the principles of equity. The Indian government is expected to object to the shifting stance of EU that would set the wheels in motion to end the Kyoto Protocol even before the developed world provides its emission reduction targets under the second phase starting in 2013.

At Durban last year, a bargain had been struck to have a second commitment period of Kyoto Protocol with the developed countries officially giving their targets under the deal in 2013. In return, the developing countries led prominently by India had agreed to start discussions on a new global deal under the existing convention that would come into play by

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