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Asia-Pacific countries must respond to climate change: UNDP May 10,2012   |  Source: PTI

Countries in Asia and the Pacific are at a crossroads and must strike a balance between rising prosperity and rising emissions as their success or failure will have repercussions worldwide, the United Nations Development Programme has said in a new report.

“The Asia-Pacific region must continue to grow economically to lift millions out of poverty, but it must also respond to climate change to survive. Growing first and cleaning up later is no longer an option,” says the Asia-Pacific Human Development Report 2012 -- One Planet to Share: Sustaining Human Progress in a changing Climate.

The publication is aimed at reinvigorating climate change dialogue by bringing people’s concerns into the fore in the lead-up to the Rio+20 conference.

The report argues that in the face of climate change, countries in Asia and the Pacific “will need to change way they manufacture goods, raise crops and livestock and generate energy“.

This will mean “moving to greener, more resilient, lower-emission options that not only sustain the environment but also offer opportunities to the poor for employment and income,” it said.

Observing that the Asia-Pacific region has some of the world’s fastest-growing cities, the report said cities in the region are central to the


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