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Argentina fisheries at risk from dispute over government tough line May 09,2012   |  Source: UPI

Argentina's fisheries industry is at risk from a tough government line that has blocked a possible compromise in a dispute with the labor unions.

Industrial action by maritime union workers demanding wage and benefit increases shut down fishery operations in Mar del Plata, about 240 miles south of Buenos Aires, and in the southern Patagonian ports.

Neither the government nor fisheries industry officials could reveal losses resulting from the stoppage, but industry analysts said the loss of earnings -- both by workers and exporters -- ran into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The maritime workers want the government and their employers to join in a new round of talks on salaries and benefits. Neither the government nor the employers in the fisheries industries have been forthcoming in trying to seek a compromise.

The employers in particular are reluctant to get into any sort of negotiations because they feel vulnerable, having skipped mandatory payments to pension funds and other government dues. Huge penalties are likely to be slapped on some of the employers that have flouted regulations and also ignored workers' demands.

Union representatives said all fish would remain indefinitely in Argentina. "Not a single kilo will be shipped because workers are not going


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