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Prince Charles addresses World Fisheries Congress in Edinburgh May 08,2012   |  Source: BBC

Prince Charles has been addressing a major conference in Edinburgh on the future of sustainable fishing.

The Duke of Rothesay was speaking at the World Fisheries Congress in his role as the founder of The Prince's International Sustainability Unit.

He called for "urgent and collective action" to allow global fish stocks to recover.

The event is being attended by about 1,000 delegates from more than 65 countries around the world.

The prince warned global fisheries leaders that significant progress would only be achieved if governments, international institutions and even the smallest fishing communities work together.

Among those taking part in the conference is Scottish Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead and UK Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon.

Mr Lochhead said: "As one of the foremost fishing nations, Scotland is at the centre of international efforts to sustain the world's fisheries.

"Bringing together leading scientists and experts will provide stimulating and thought provoking discussions, and I look forward to building on our work and exchanging ideas with international partners."

He added that fishing made a "massive contribution" to Scotland's economy and stressed: "The Scottish government is committed to doing all we can to preserve the


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