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GLOBALG.A.P.’s new traceability code for seafood May 02,2012   |  Source: World Fishing

GLOBALG.A.P. has developed a new branded traceability code, which it hopes will appeal to younger consumers and meet growing seafood buyer’s demands.

The integrated QR (quick response) code will lead to www.my-fish.info, where consumers will find information on responsible aquaculture practices including criteria for legal compliance, food safety, animal and workers’ welfare, and environmental and ecological care. All of these are validated during the annual GLOBALG.A.P. onfarm certification process.

Baicy Terbrüggen, vice-chairwoman of the GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture Technical Committee explains: “The QR-Code is an effective way to give our customers immediate information and thus transparency on products available in our stores.”

More than two million tons of seafood from aquaculture farms are GLOBALG.A.P certified, and the program offers more products from certified farms than all other aquaculture labels combined. This has quadrupled since 2010 and now covers more species then any other major program. Salmonids (including rainbow trout), shrimp, tilapia and pangasius, barramundi, pike-perch, sea bass and sea bream are all included, with molluscs soon to come.


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