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EU fisheries ministers reject Danish quota system by Peter Stanners May 01,2012   |  Source: The Copenhagen Post

European fishing ministers rejected adopting a Danish-style tradable quota systems in Luxembourg last week on Friday, but agreed on working toward greater regional control of fisheries.

The Danish tradable quota system was introduced by the former government in 2003 and allows fishermen to trade their fishing rights, thereby leading to fewer fishing vessels.

But while the European ministers rejected this approach, the Danish agriculture and fisheries minister, Mette Gjerskov (Socialdemokraterne), argued there was still a need to reduce overcapacity in Europe’s fishing fleets.

“Denmark has introduced transferable fishing quotas. But I am fully aware that it does not mean that it will work well in all member states. What works well in one place may have the opposite effect in another,” Gjerskov stated in a press release after the meeting. “It is important to eliminate excess capacity and more national co-decision may be reasonable whether it is with regard to trading fish quotas or other measures. The main thing is to find effective solutions. All member states must contribute to a more sustainable development.”

Gjerskov recently reduced the maximum share a single fisherman may hold down to five percent of the North Sea cod quota and 7.5 percent of the


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