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Greenpeace denounces Taiwan's 'weakness' at global fishing meeting by Lee Hsin-Yin April 03,2012   |  Source: CNA

Taiwan's government failed to push for sustainable fishing at the just-concluded Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commissions (WCPFC) meeting, the local branch of Greenpeace East Asia charged Saturday.

As one of the region's major fishing powers, Taiwan did not exercise as much influence as it should have to block new measures that could destroy fish populations, the group said.

According to Greenpeace, instead of stepping up efforts to protect marine life, the March 26-30 meeting at Guam unraveled existing measures to preserve the region's fishing resources by reopening certain high-sea fishing grounds to destructive fishing methods.

Although Taiwan voted against the initiative, which was mainly pushed by South Korea and the United States, its reluctance to come up with a rescue plan showed its weakness on the issue, Greenpeace said.

"It's a shame for an industry leader like us to sit back and let others decide the future of the ocean," said Yen Ning, the group's oceans campaigner.

Kim Schoppink, campaign manager of Greenpeace East Asia, described the meeting in general as a huge setback to marine conservation efforts.

"It is suicidal," Schoppink said. "They are focused on catching the last fish before others."

The Fisheries Agency, which represented


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