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Crocodile attacks take toll on Lake Victoria’s fishing communities by FRANKLINE SUNDAY March 15,2012   |  Source: Business Daily

In Kanyijowi sub-location, Kisumu County, Lillian Odhiambo forlonly sits in front of her mud house nursing her youngest child as she tells us when she last saw her husband alive.

She routinely woke up at 1am to prepare breakfast for her husband George Odhiambo, a fisherman, before helping him prepare for another day of fishing on Lake Victoria. The 24- year-old mother of three then bid her husband farewell. It was at 2 am.

Shortly after, Lillian was woken up by frantic villagers knocking on her door. Her husband’s fishing crew had been attacked by a crocodile and George was missing.

“They said the crocodile was lurking in a patch of mangroves and attacked the fishermen as they were casting their net, seizing George who was at the front of the boat and dragging him away,” she recalls.
George is one of the victims of a human-wildlife conflict on the shores of Lake Victoria as strategic fishing grounds diminish and residents turn to dangerous spots.

In the last three weeks alone, Kenya Wildlife Service rangers have been called in on two separate occasions after hippos wandered into the main land.

James Akumu is the secretary- general of Kaloka Beach Management Unit in Kaloka Beach, an area which is considered by KWS as one of the hot spots for hippo and

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