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Licensed to loot: Scandals and violations within India's fishing Letter of Permit scheme exposed March 13,2012   |  Source: Greenpeace

India’s lucrative commercial fish resources, including one of world’s last healthy tuna stocks, are being systematically exploited by fishing vessels of foreign origin as a result of the Letter of Permit (LoP) scheme which, in turn, is impacting the livelihoods of millions and the business interests of the Indian fishing sector, creating significant losses to the Indian exchequer by way of revenue and the destruction of marine habitats, reveals Greenpeace India’s report “Licensed to Loot”.

Coinciding with the release of the report, the National Fishworkers' Forum (NFF), the Association of Indian Fisheries Industry (AIFI) and Greenpeace India urged Minister Sharad Pawar to scrap the LoP scheme and expedite an investigation on the issue.

Releasing the report, R. K Patil, General Secretary, NFF, said, "The LoP scheme is a textbook example of where we have gone wrong with fisheries management in this country. The failure on the part of the Agriculture Ministry to curtail various violations and illegalities within the scheme has not only meant loss for the Indian government, but has also translated into greater impoverishment for millions of fisherfolk in India."

The report, compiled on the basis of Greenpeace India's documentation out at sea, supported by

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