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Namibia's fishing industry down but positive by Floris Steenkamp March 07,2012   |  Source: Informanté

“The positive had outperformed the negative. Investments in training and social development had outweighed the decrease in the fishing industry’s contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by one percent in 2010.”

That’s how Namibia's fisheries minister Bernhardt Esau put it when he addressed stakeholders in the fishing industry last week in Walvis Bay to allay fears in the wake of a declining growth in the sector.

The global credit crisis in Namibia’s overseas seafood markets, unfavourable exchange rates and rising fuel costs, are all blamed for the weak performance, which saw the fishing industry’s contribution to GDP dropping from 4,6 percent in 2009 to 4 % in 2010.

Esau cited a particular fishing company that had spent N$84 000 to train seagoing personnel and earmarked more funds to send ten of its vessel crew members to Russia for 3 years to qualify as seagoing officers on the operational level. In total, fishing companies spent N$16 million on various social responsibility programs, according to Esau.

Minister Esau said Government is also aware of the concerns the fishing industry has voiced over mining exploration along the sea, and the impact it can have on fish resources. He confirmed that certain concerns had been identified by government,


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