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Current reform will cause death of the artisanal fishing sector, says Mediterranean Platform of Artisanal Fishers March 07,2012   |  Source: FISHUpdate

The future of Mediterranean artisanal fishermen could be strongly affected by the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform. After a hearing held in the European Parliament last week, a representative of the Mediterranean Platform of Artisanal Fishers (France, Italy, Greece and Spain) has warned about the risks of the current CFP proposal for what represents the major source of employment in European fisheries.

“This proposal will represent a strong environmental and social crisis, as it will lead to the disappearance of this whole sector, favour social inequity and the deconstruction of the social fabric of coastal areas,” said Miquel Sacanell, spokesperson for the Mediterranean Platform of Artisanal Fishers and himself an artisanal fisherman.

Artisanal fisheries represent 30,000 of the 35,000 boats which operate in the Mediterranean. The only way to guarantee the future of Mediterranean fisheries and fishermen is to implement a system to deliver management plans at fishery level through co‐management, says the organisation.

Management plans should be designed and implemented by co‐management committees in which all parties (fishermen, scientists, administration, representatives of the civil society, etc.) are involved. “It is essential that co‐management


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