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Report of the International Conference of Fishworkers, and their Supporters, Rome, July 4 – 8, 1984
  • :1984
  • :51

While issues related to fisheries were being discussed at the International level to define strategies for future development and management, fishworkers and their supporters from many countries - particularly of the third world met together to exchange their, experiences and analyse their problems.

The International Conference of Fishworkers and their Supporters took place in Rome from July 4-8 1984. 100 participants from 34 nationalities attended this conference.

About half of them were fishworkers (men and women engaged as crew members, small fishers, processing workers and sellers) coming from all continents. Most of the fishworkers were small-scale fishermen operating in the coastal and inland waters. The supporters were individuals and representatives of organizations who identified with the cause of the fishworkers.

International Conference of FishWorkers and their supporters