Exchange and Training


Exchange and Training programmes have been undertaken to build up and strengthen fishworker organizations, and to transfer fishing and fish processing technologies. ICSF has facilitated, for instance, the transfer of the trammel net fishing technique from India to Senegal. It has also facilitated the transfer of fish processing technology from Ghana to Senegal.

Exchange programmes have contributed to building up South-South and South-North solidarity between fishworker organizations in countries like India, Chile, the Philippines, Taiwan, Senegal, Canada and France. These have also helped fishers of Southern countries to draw support from the North in their campaigns against inequitable aspects of international agreements in fisheries and joint ventures.

ICSF has trained artisanal and small-scale fishworker organizations in the use of electronic means for effective communication and networking. Training programmes on leadership and social analysis have also been conducted for animators in fishing communities of the South.

A study on Problems and Prospects of Artisanal Fish Trade in West Africa was undertaken, which led to the Workshop on Problems and Prospects for Developing Artisanal Fish Trade in West Africa, from 30 May to 1 June 2001, followed by the West African Fair for Artisanally Processed Fish on 2 and 3 June 2001 at Dakar, Senegal.

In 2003, ICSF organized its first regional training programme "Empowerment through Information" for fishworker organizations in Asia, this has been followed subsequently with national level workshops. In 2012, another regional training programme was organzied in Thailand. 

These training programme provided information and analysis on developments at the international and regional levels related to, among other things, resources management, marine and coastal protected areas, climate change, trade, labour and aquaculture, analysing their links with local developments. It is also planned to continue providing training inputs at the regional and national levels as a means of developing the capacity of national-level organizations.

As part of the preparations for the training programme,

The ICSF-BOBLME Training programme on enhancing capacities of fishing communities: