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The Sundarbans Fishers: Coping in an Overly Stressed Mangrove Estuary
  • :Santanu Chacraverti
  • :2014
  • :136
  • :978 93 80802 34 3

SAMUDRA Monograph

Coping in an Overly Stressed Mangrove Estuary

The fishing community of the Sundarbans are the human group most at home in the mud-slush-water-forest environment of this famous mangrove estuary. Their skills, knowledge, and technique have developed in response to a challenging environment. Yet, of the countless studies on the various aspects of this eco-region, there are exceedingly few that have studied the Sundarbans fisher in his/her ecological, historical and demographic context—as a key stakeholder in an environment under considerable stress. The present study seeks to reduce this lacuna a little. Its object is not merely to examine and analyse, but also to identify means, both tradition-based and innovative, which might contribute to protect the environment, improve economic conditions, and usher in people-based governance of resources.