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Regional Study on Social Dimensions of MPA Practice in Central America: Case Studies from Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panamá
  • :Research Team: Vivienne Solís Rivera, Marvin Fonseca Borrás, Daniela Barguil Gallardo, CoopeSoliDar RL (Costa Rica) Mariela Ochoa (Honduras), Edgar Castañeda (Nicaragua) Geodisio Castillo (Panamá) - Edited by CoopeSoliDar RL
  • :2013
  • :174

CoopeSoliDar RL and the International Collective in Support of Fish workers (ICSF) have joined hands to engage in research work of great interest to the Central and Latin American regions. CoopeSoliDar RL. and ICSF have formed an alliance to address these issues in Latin America in order to defend the small-scale, artisanal fisheries sector and the well-being of fishing communities. This research deals with several issues that CoopeSoliDar RL has been working on for many years, namely, conservation through marine protected areas (MPAs) and coastal marine communities, specifically keeping in mind issues of equity, just and equitable distribution of benefits, human rights, and cultural identity as the corner stones for social resilience in the face of developmental challenges. ICSF has engaged in research to bring to light. This collaborative research intends to throw light on the social dimensions of MPAs in Central America and to work towards more equitable marine conservation, which promotes conservation while respecting human rights and the well-being of communities in the coastal-marine space.