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20-24 Feb: COFI- Sub-Committee on Fish Trade
  • :2012-02-20 To 2012-02-24
  • :Hyderabad, India

The 13th session of the sub-committe on fish trade will meet in Hyderabad, India to review international trade in fisheries, and also discuss the best practice guidelines for traceability

07-10 Feb: Workshop on International Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries (VG-SSF)
  • :2012-02-07 To 2012-02-10
  • :Rome, Italy

The overall purpose of the Workshop is to contribute to a first preliminary draft of the SSF Guidelines and to provide recommendations for possible considerations and actions needed to promote and support the implementation of the SSF Guidelines. Furthermore, the workshop offers advice to the FAO Secretariat with regard to the road map and next steps in the SSF Guidelines development process and what additional actions may be required to ensure that a negotiated document can be presented to COFI in 2014 for approval.

7-9 Dec: Workshop on the Development of a Strategy for Assessing the State of Inland Capture Fishery Resources
  • :2011-12-07 To 2011-12-09
  • :Rome, Italy
  • : Participated by ICSF

First meeting to assess inland fisheries status

7-9 Dec: Joint Expert Meeting on addressing biodiversity concerns in sustainable fishery
  • :2011-12-07 To 2011-12-09
  • :Bergen, Norway
  • : Participated by ICSF

The meeting is proposed to review the extent to which biodiversity concerns are addressed in existing assessments. Review the impacts on marine and coastal biodiversity of pelagic fisheries of lower trophic
levels. and propose options to address biodiversity concerns in sustainable fishery management and related

6-10 Dec: Sub-Regional Workshop for South, East, and South-East Asia on Capacity-building for Implementation of the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas
  • :2011-12-06 To 2011-12-10
  • :Dehradun, India
  • : Participated by ICSF

The provisional agenda for the meeting includes:
2. Strengthening capacities for:
(a) Adapting and mitigating climate change, including integration of protected areas into wider land- and seascapes;
(b) Developing national action plans for implementation of the programme of work on protected areas;
(c) Marine protected areas;
(d) Governance;
(e) Valuation of the costs and benefits of protected areas, including ecosystem services;
(f) Funding opportunities under the fifth replenishment cycle of the Global Environment Facility (GEF 5).

21-23 Nov: Food security and access to natural resources
  • :2011-11-21 To 2011-11-23
  • :Berlin, Germany

At this year’s "Policies against Hunger" conference, the discussion will centre around issues regarding the access to natural resources and its importance for food security:

The FAO member states unanimously recognised in the voluntary guidelines on the right to food that sustainable, non-discriminatory and safe access to land, water, forests and plant genetic resources is an important prerequisite for the realisation of the right to food. Above all, this applies to small farmers, women, pastoralists, indigenous populations and landless farm workers whose income is generated by agricultural activities.

Reliable political, legislative and institutional conditions, the effective implementation of these conditions and non-discriminatory access to complaint mechanisms are the basic prerequisites for secure and fair rights of use and access. Yet what does this mean at international, national, regional and local level? What contribution can be played by instruments such as the "Voluntary Guidelines for Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land and other Natural Resources" that are currently being drawn up by the CFS?

"Policies against Hunger 2011" will look into these issues and other aspects such as gender, climate change, responsible investment (in agriculture) and depletio

7-11 Nov: Fifteenth meeting of CBD SBSTTA
  • :2011-11-07 To 2011-11-11
  • :Montreal, Canada

This meeting will discuss the Aichi Biodiversity goals

24-28 Oct: Sub-Regional Workshop for South and East Africa on Capacity Building for Implementation of the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas
  • :2011-10-24 To 2011-10-28
  • :Cape Town, South Africa

Workshop to discuss implementation of PoWPA in East and Southern Africa

17-22 Oct: 37th Session of the Committee on Food Security
  • :2011-10-17 To 2011-10-22
  • :Rome, Italy

CFS will be invited to adopt the final version of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land and Other Natural Resources. The guidelines were arrived at following an inclusive process, approved by the CFS Bureau.

3-7 Oct: Sub-Regional Workshop for the Pacific on Capacity Building for Implementation of the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas
  • :2011-10-03 To 2011-10-07
  • :Nadi, Fiji

Workshop to discuss the implementation of PoWPA